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Over 5 years2 to 5 years1 to 2 years9 to 12 months

Approval & funding within 24‑48hrsNo collateral requirementNo Tax Returns requirementNo P&L statements requirementNo Cash Reserve requirementNo Business Plan requirementNo application feeNo prepayment penaltiesAllow for bankruptciesAllow for Cosigner, if requiredI value reliable customer service

I don't know800-740 Excellent739-670 Good669-620 Fair619-500 Low (qualify with $10k/mo revenue)

I need adviceLine-of-CreditBank Statement LoanTax Return LoanMerchant Cash AdvanceShort-Term Loan 3-18moLong-Term Loan 2-10yrsCommercial Real Estate LoanSBA Loan (qualify with 680 FICO®)

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