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Lines of Credit

Funds On The Go, Any Business Purpose

$10,000 – $250,000

Using our Business Line of Credit Program, you can borrow up to a maximum credit limit and only pay interest on the amount of capital that you borrow from your credit line. Excellent way to handle cash-flow gaps and build your credit score.

Loan Features –

  • Rates as low as 6.9%
  • Approval within a few hours
  • Get funds within 7 – 21 days
  • Repayment term 21-60 months
  • No Daily Payments

Qualify with –

  • FICO® score 680+
  • Max 9 credit inquiries in 6 months
  • Credit usage below 50%
  • No collections, no liens
  • No charge-offs, no bankruptcies
  • 3-Bureau credit report

Beyond The Numbers –

  • Loans available for any industry
  • Co-applicants accepted
  • No loan collateral requirement
  • No P&L statements needed
  • No Tax-Returns or W2s needed
  • Not Hard Money!




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    What we Do

    Small & Midsize Business Financing

    Flexible Lines of Credit

    Using our Business Line of Credit Program, you can borrow up to a maximum credit limit and only pay interest on the amount of capital that you borrow from your credit line. Excellent way to handle cash-flow gaps and build your credit score.

    Obtain the capital you need, when you need it. Only pay interest on what you use and over the time you use it. Manage your accounts receivable gaps, take advantage of new opportunities or manage unexpected expenses.

    Our Line of Credit loans do not require collateral for the loan agreement. Loan approval depends on your current credit scores to determine loan worthiness rather than on collateral or assets.

    It is a preferred method of financing for many businesses due to its lower interest rates, simplicity of the process and the ability to get access to funds as you need it.

    Contact us today to Learn how to get your best business financing for a industry-specific small business, such as: Retail Loan, Restaurant Loan, Construction Loan, Medical Dental Equipment Loan, Wholesale Loan, Auto Repair Loan, Trucking Loan, Beauty Salon Loan.

    Business Services

    1→2→3→ Fast Loans

    Funding solutions tailored to your business needs

    SMB Loans is a new business lending solution that is simple, quick, and designed to meet each borrower’s particular need.

    1.APPLY – To get started, share some basic information with us, such as your name, credit worthiness, and where you’re located.

    2.APPROVAL – Our lending solution for a Line of Credit mainly depends on credit scores. We’ve simplified the process. Apply for

    our business loan in minutes, without painful paperwork or waiting in queues.

    3.ACCESS FUNDS – Once your application is approved, you’ll decide what amount to accept, determine what repayment term works best for you, and designate which account is to be funded.

    Call or fill out an application today to give your business the boost it may need.

    Success Stories

    Unsecured Bank Statement Loans of Self-Employed

    Jone Than, San Diego CA

    In the old days, when my father took out a business loan, it was through a crowded local bank and by sending many faxes.

    Now, while Ben was with me on the phone, I completed an easy online application. I was welcomed by a professional who cared about making me comfortable along the way. I received a wonderful, personal service from start to finish… and funds within 48hrs.

    San Diego, CA
    Dec 2017

    Dara Kasten, Savannah Tennessee

    I wanted to extend a heartfelt thanks. I know you were doing your job: just thank you for saving my dream. life has been rough since this began mom and u put all we had into it. I did not know what to expect. everyday lately i struggled trying to get noticed and bring people in. my daughter and adopted child didn’t help much at all. my other half would help a bit financially but would pocket money that was for the business. in the process of trying to help everyone it just fell apart. all I felt was the pain of bankrupting my mom…not being able to pay her back as I promised….not being able to take care of her in her old age. being a failure. lost my car…my pride and self worth about to loose my possible lively hood my dream.. lost my faith in God questioning y tp all this bad stuff I thought this was gift from God at first….for surviving and struggling after a 10 year abusive marriage. I reached out to yall as a last ditch effort for reviving it all. not the most idea ways of obtaining the monies needed…but hey regardless of the pay back fees and credit cards it’s a life boat and i am kinda smart lol. just thank yall for saving my life and restoring my faith.

    Horseshoe Sports Bar & Grill
    Savannah Tennessee
    Feb 2018

    Gil Thompson, New York NY

    I can’t say enough about Ben, and how helpful he was during this whole process, he’s absolutely the best! I was in a situation with some time constraints, and Ben managed to get everything done within the necessary timeframe. I had a lot of questions, and he answered them all, was always knowledgeable and kind.

    New York, NY
    May 2018

    Jim S.

    Startup manufacturer needed $100,000

    Joan P.

    Optometrist needed $75,000 to expand her business

    Frank A.

    Needed $125,000 to increase his inventory for the upcoming season

    About Us

    Ashburn‘s Best Business Loans

    The Ultimate Source For Unsecured Business Loans

    SMB Loans, a Branch of Business Funding New York LLC, is comprised of a group of highly experienced and seasoned, certified, financial professionals. With our knowledge and expertise, we will find a solution for all your financing needs. Unlike a bank, or local lending institution, which only lend to the most credit-worthy businesses, SMB Loans with its relationships and national lenders, will match you with the fastest and most affordable financing options you need.

    We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of customer service. Over the last several years, we have established a reputation as leaders in our field by going above and beyond to ensure your needs and expectations are always met and exceeded.

    Please contact us today for a FREE, no-obligation analysis of your financing needs. A member of our professional staff will contact you to discuss your business’s short and long-term financial needs.

    Whether you need to get new equipment, finance your accounts receivable, raise working capital, acquire a company or finance anything Real Estate, SMB Loans can do it for you!

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